Flagship Suicide Survivors are the stories of four women who identify as suicide survivors, someone whose life was directly affected by the death of a loved one, and in this instance the death of a male figure. This detail is accurately reflective of the difference in methods chosen in attempts, with the current male to female suicide ratio of four to one.

Taboos that swirl around suicide push necessary attention away from not only the survivors themselves, but also buries their gained understanding of mental illnesses, a priceless knowledge. These individuals posses a specific truth, strength of character, and determination.

My role as a suicide survivor and photographer is to shed light on this character in order to explain that suicide should be addressed not only in the memory of the deceased, but also in order to listen and learn the lessons of those who were closest to them.

This is dedicated to the unsinkable women who have shared their irreplaceable wisdom, time, and voices for the better for this project, the better of our communities, and for the memories of those we hold dearly.